Church Board of Directors

The Church Board of Directors administer “the affairs of this church.” They shall oversee all branches of the church work.  They shall have the power and responsibility to delegate authority to committees, also appoint and arrange for committees, supervise finances, procure a minister, make proper arrangements for a place of worship and other meetings, and conduct such other business as might be brought before them.

2016-2017 Board Officers and Members

Kim Randall – Chair

Ann Morris – Vice Chair

Vicki Buck – Secretary

Pat Runge – Financial Secretary                                                                 

Diane Genuchi

Ken Royal

Janice Znamenacek

Phyllis Steward

Gwen Townsend


Michael Douglas – Church Treasurer

Church Board Meetings are scheduled for the Second Thursday of every month and open to the entire congregation, if you would like to have an item on the agenda for the church board meeting, please contact the Chair in advance.