Darin’s Doodles

May, 2020

May God’s love and spirit surround each and every one of you! Everywhere you look, hear, and go you can’t avoid being reminded of the pandemic that has changed our lives. The church board of directors met for their regular monthly meeting and the church will continue to wait until we are able to have any in-person services, groups, or meetings at the church. However, Sunday, May 24, Memorial Day weekend, there will be a special worship service outside in the backyard of the parsonage, hoping for good weather. There will be live music performed during the service Philippa’s ‘cousin-in-law’. The service will still be live on Facebook and the phone, but if anyone is interested in coming and experience it in person you are welcome, but you must bring your own lawn chair/seat/blanket and sit the minimum six feet apart. There will be no fellowship or greetings along with no passing of the offering plate. It’s extremely difficult and also sad that we are unable to do so many things, especially simply gathering, but we do want everyone to stay as healthy as possible. As we continue to stay home more, which is now getting to be a struggle for many people, we must not lose faith or hope in God, who has definitely gotten us to this point. There is Bible Study every Tuesday, worship service every Sunday live on Facebook. Please pray for each other and if you would like, call someone you know and love and visit and pray with them. All of us have been through individual challenges and difficulties and God has seen us through them, now we are all faced with a similar struggle. If you feel down or sad, never hesitate to reach out to me and remember Jesus’ words from Matthew 19:25 “And looking at them He said to them, ‘With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” All things are possible when we focus and continue our relationship with God our Father and Creator of the world.  In spirit, Rev. Darin    darin@bennetcommunitychurch.org; www.facebook.com/darin.s.corder; 402-782-2385; & cell phone (text or voice)