Darin’s Doodles

September, 2020

Hello everyone! As we have really learned during this pandemic, things can change in drastically, in a hurry.  The numbers of positive cases goes up a lot one day and the next not as many, recoveries seem to be increasing and people are overall trying to be safe by wearing masks and distancing themselves.  Many of you know I’m a huge Nebraska Cornhusker fan, especially football, as I write this the Big Ten conference announced that football will start again in October.  Well, I jokingly say they are behind, because last Wednesday the church board voted unanimously to welcome people to worship in the sanctuary starting on September 20!  There are procedures that will need to be followed, but to be able to be together again will be uplifting and spirit-filling.  It won’t be the same as pre-pandemic, but those who choose will be able to worship with others, in person.  Facebook and phone will still be available and that will not change.  We are still living in uncertain times and we must still take care of ourselves and others, no matter what, God is with each one of us and he does guide and surround us with love and care.  Please continue to reach other to your neighbors, friends, fellow church members, and of course family.  If this pandemic should really teach us anything it is that we are all still family and our relationships are very important.  Use whatever technology you have, a phone, computer, paper/pen, etc. and continue to communicate with others. Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and the other writers of the letters of the Bible wanted to share information and stories with others, let’s do the same, now and always.  Sharing our lives and God’s love is always a good thing, however it’s done.        

In spirit, Rev. Darin    darin@bennetcommunitychurch.org; www.facebook.com/darin.s.corder; 402-782-2385; & cell phone (text or voice)