Darin’s Doodles

Darin’s Doodles ~ December 2021

Season’s Greetings to you all, it is a neat and somewhat historic greeting along with something that could be said all year round.  However, as Christians it’s wonderful to say Merry Christmas and something that seems to be said and more prevalent than it used to be, which is great! The season of Advent is the preparation and lead-up to the birth of Jesus Christ, hence why it Christmas…the birth of Christ. It is the start of our religion as Christians.  Jesus Christ’s birth completely changed the entire world. It is something we embrace, celebrate, and honor every year, however we really need to remember the amazing and important significance of Jesus’ birth every single day! Decorations, lights, and so on are very nice and help to celebrate the birth, but even if there isn’t one ornament or a single wreath, Jesus’ birth still happens. As Christians, it is the only reason for this season. As you share time with those that are close to you over the next few weeks, God gave us the ability to share our lives and love with others and we know that through his gift to the world, his one and only Son. The four Sunday of Advent share hope, peace, joy and love, it is my prayer that all of those things surround you and your life every day. Have a truly wonderful Christmas and embrace that Jesus Christ was born for you.   

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