Rev. Corder

Greetings to you all!  It is wonderful that you have stopped by the Bennet Community Church website.  We are very pleased that we have this media to have more communication with everyone.  We certainly hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and that you find it useful and welcoming.

I am the pastor of this wonderful and caring congregation.  We are a non-denominational church that works in many different areas of ministry.  The congregation and I came together in ministry in the summer of 2006.  God is continually working within all of us who are a part of Bennet Community Church.

I was born and raised in the southwest part of Nebraska; lived in Gothenburg for the first five years and then lived and attended all 13 years of school in Elwood.  In 1998, I graduated from Wayne State College with a degree in mass communications and a minor in music.  In 2005, I received the Master of Divinity from Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was ordained into the church’s ministry of Jesus Christ.

I am blessed to be married to Philippa, who is an awesome woman to share in ministry with and works very hard for the church.

Our family is a made up of Philippa’s son and wife: Blake and Avery Meyers; my sons: Montgomery (Monte) who became a church member  through confirmation in 2013 and Zachary (Zach) who became a church member through confirmation in 2015; and three grandchildren: Blair, Drew, and Barrett

I am part of the fourth generation to be baptized and member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Elwood.  I am extremely proud of that and it is from that tradition and upbringing that helped the call into ministry. God ultimately called me while I was in college and I have been working everyday to do what I can for the work of Jesus Christ, here on Earth.

Please come and visit our website along with our Facebook page often as things change quite frequently.  Also, please feel free and welcome to attend Sunday School for all ages along with Fellowship Time all at 9:30AM, Worship Service every Sunday morning in person, 350 Monroe Street and also in your home on Facebook at 10:30AM.

“I Believe that the Inspired Work of God has No Boundaries; so To Be Given the Opportunity to Serve in Ministry on Any Level, through any Manifestation is what I Seek, Hope, and Pray.”  Darin S. Corder, M. Div. (03/04/05)

May God Bless You, Always Keep You, Shine Favor Upon You, and Give You Peace, always and forever, AMEN.

In spirit,

Rev. Darin S. Corder   (REV CRDR)

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Rev. Corder’s regular office hours are:

 Monday & Thursday: Afternoon

Tuesday: Morning

Wednesday: Morning & Evening