Darin’s Doodles

Darin’s Doodles ~ March, 2024

Greetings everyone! As we continue in the Lenten journey, we are also in the journey of changing seasons. We’ve had snow, rain, and actually a very good amount of sun. I’m sure you have noticed the trees budding, flowers coming up and some blooming, and the grass is also greening up. We are gearing up for spring along with many events and services at church. On Sunday, March 17 five people joined the church in membership: Sharon Bulin, Mandy Null, Marcia Summers, and Chris & Ritch Workman. Then on Palm Sunday, March 24 six young people will be confirmed and join as members of the congregation. We are very excited and welcome all 11 people into our church family. The confirmation class consisting of four boys and two girls have been dedicated and have worked well over the past seven months. They have been a very good class and I along with the entire church should be proud of these young people. Help us to encourage them along with each other to continue to do God’s work and support the entire church as much as possible. There will be more shared about the confirmation class and pictures in the next Tidings. As we approach the end of Lent, we will have Holy Week beginning on Palm Sunday. Through that week, I ask and pray that you dedicate and give a little more time on your personal prayers and focus on Jesus Christ and his last days on earth. It’s a very powerful and emotional week. Jesus gathers his Disciples together, one last time and then a very short while after that Jesus takes his last breath. We have been remembering and embracing the life of Jesus for thousands of years, it’s significance and world-changing impact we should never, ever forget. Blessings to you all.

In spirit,



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