Darin’s Doodles

Darin’s Doodles ~ August, 2023

Greetings to you all! As the summer begins to wind down and school begins for many people a sort of routine or schedule starts as well. Over the next few weeks things will end and others will begin as with the typical changes of the seasons.  Lamplighters will hold their meeting on August 28th; the Chancel Choir will gather again and begin rehearsals on September 6th, along with in September confirmation class will also start.  As with many things, when something ends something begins. We have and have had many people who have volunteered many hours to our church family over its 92 years. Our church wouldn’t be what it is without everyone doing their part, for after all the church is the people. Jesus Christ started the church so we can know God better, worship, gather, and just simply be together and support each other, essentially; be family. Collectively, we thank those who have given so much of their time; physically, spiritually, and emotionally. There is always something that can or needs to be done, please pray about what you can do or share to help the ministry of our church truly do God’s work.  If there is something that you think or see that should or could be done, please do it or ask or inquire about it to a church board member or me. Our family, this family, and the name of it is extremely important, for we are a community and within that word is “unity” and we are a church, but we are just chch unless U R a part of the family.  Blessings! In spirit, 

In spirit,



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