Darin’s Doodles

Darin’s Doodles ~ July, 2022

Happy summer greetings to you all! It certainly is summer with the recent activities. Vacation Bible School was held the last week of June and ending on July 1 with the program being held that same night. Nearly 40 kids from preschool through sixth grade attended every evening along with almost 20 volunteers helping. All of the food for suppers was donated along with an excellent amount of financial contributions for the week. Vacation Bible School is a wonderful time for our church, the kids and families that participate. It’s an amazing time that not only brings our church together, but also the entire community. As many gathered at the baseball field and the park on July 3rd and 4th to celebrate Independence Day and being a community, Vacation Bible School is a microcosm of those events. It takes many people to hold a community together and our church family is a community. There is a connection between Bennet Community Church and city of Bennet and has been for over 90 years. We are Bennet’s community church. Let us all pray and hope that our church family can always be a bright shining beacon of hope and comfort for all.

In spirit,



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